Shravani Mela

Shravani Mela

Shravani Mela begins every year in the Hindi Month Shravan that is between July and August. The month-long holy festival celebrated throughout the Shravan month on Baba Baidyanath Temple which is popularly known as “Bol Bam” in Deoghar district of Jharkhand. Every year Mela begins around July 10 and ends around Aug 7, which is a one-month-long festival.

Baba Baidyanath Temple in Deoghar is believed to be the place where Ravana carrying Lord Shiva on his way to Sri Lanka had stopped, betraying the conditions of a non-stop journey. This failed him in his mission of taking Lord Shiva to Lanka and the Lord remained grounded here and this Shiva ling is one of the twelve Jyotirlingams in India.

According to Hindu mythology, it tells another story. Mythology tells the story of the ocean being stirred by the asuras and devas, using the Mandara mountain range, lassoed by the serpent king Vasuki. According to one version, the churning produced 14 different types of rubies, 13 of which were given to demons while one, Halahal, was given to Lord Shiva. Halahal was poisonous and turned Lord Shiva blue. The gods panicked and gave him water from the river Ganga to nullify the effects of the poison, and this worked, although he remained blue.

Every year millions of believers from India and other countries around the world take Gangajal ( holy water of Ganga River ) from Sultanganj and showers the Shiva Linga on Baba Baidyanath Dham in Deoghar in the eve of Shravani Mela. To shower the Shiva Linga with Gangajal devotees set a 108 km long walk by sloganeering “Bol Bam” from Sultanganj to Deoghar. Devotees bear saffron color dress considering Gangajal are known as “Kanwarias”.

Monday is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Mondays in Shravan month is highly auspicious and Lord Shiva devotees perform the Shravan Somvar Vrat. Every Monday a high number of devotees worship Lord Shiva at Baba Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar.


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